Polytechnic School of Konotop Institute of Sumy State University


About the School:

It was founded in 1891;
It has 5 departments, 180 employees;

Speciality studying

Building, maintenance and repairs of railway lines;
Building and operation of constructions and erections;
Building, operation and repairs of motor highways and aerodromes;
Technology of lathe and automatic lines metal processing;
Production of electronic and electric means of automation;
Manufacture management;
Computer system and network servicing.



Library-informational centre;
Youth leisure centre;
Internet-technology centre;
Physical training centre;

Student self-government;
Culture and Arts;
Student projects;

Polytechnic School is a structural subdivision of Konotop Institute of Sumy State University. The history of the educational establishment is longer than 100 years. Among the school famous people are the graduates of various years:
The pioneer of soviet locomotive constructing O.N. Shelest;
The principal locomotive designer A.M. Khrychykov;
Two-time Hero of socialist work A.K. Kimstach;
The Ukrainian state reward in the sphere of science and technique prize-winner V.I. Lyashenko;
The Soviet Union Heroes V.Y. Voronov and I.F. Balyuk;
The famous scientist in the sphere of metal constructions, steel bridges and girders O.V. Belyaev;
Famous contemporary writers and poets L.I. Smilyanskyi and Antonina Tsvid
Remarkable directors of the present time M.M. Golovatskyi, V.K. Odnodvorets, I.M. Bandolya, and many others, whose path of life are connected with the school.

The studies are provided by 78 highly qualified teachers.
The Polytechnic School can be proud of the developed proprietary security: computer classrooms, the Internet access, multimedia devices, electronic library. The students have the possibility to train in the gym and sports grounds with modern sports equipment, and attend different sections and societies.  
Choosing the speciality - that means choosing the way in life – use the studying experience of our graduates, who have been trained by our teachers for Ukraine and the world.


Administration of Polytechnic School of Konotop Institute of Sumy State University

Director of  Polytechnic School of Konotop Institute of Sumy State University
Tetyana Hrebenyk
tel: (05447)2-51-65, add. 14
E-mail: grebenik_tv@konotop.org

Deputy director of  Academic Activity
Dmytro Pavlun
tel: (05447)2-51-65, add. 12

Deputy director of  Educational Activity
Alla Shvydka
tel: (05447)2-51-65, add. 15

Methodologist of  Polytechnic School
Oksana Salogub
tel: (05447)2-51-65, add. 18

Deputy director of  Academic and Practical Activities Head of the Trade-union committee
Volodymyr Slovenko
tel: (05447)2-51-65, add. 16

Deputy director of  Administrative and Economic Activity
Anatoliy Korostashovets
tel: (05447)2-25-06, add. 119

Dean of  the "Building, maintenance and repairs of railway lines" department
Valentyna Kutna
tel: (05447)2-51-65, add. 21

Dean of  the "Building and operation of constructions and erections, highways and aerodromes" department
Anatoliy Ryabyk
tel: (05447)2-51-65, add. 22
Dean of  the "Computer and electronic technologies" department
Yuriy Saliy
tel: (05447)2-51-65, add. 25

Dean of  the "Management" department
Vyacheslav Ryazantsev
tel: (05447)2-51-65, add. 24

Dean of  the Extramural department
Volodymyr Chernyak
tel: (05447)2-51-65, add. 13



41615, Ukraine
Sumy region, Konotop,
39 Sadova str., 
Phone: +38(05447)2-51-65
E-mail: politech@konotop.org