The Library

One of the oldest libraries of our city is the library of Polytechnical school and Konotop Institute of Sumy State University. The beginning of the history of our library goes back to the grey remoteness, (August 16, 1890) when by the Administration of former Moskov-Kyiv-Voronizh railway at the station Konotop Railway Technical school was opened. By then the library of Polytechnical school had in a presence 36 books to the amount of 173 krb. 75 cop., majority of which were the textbooks of foreign authors.
In the 20-30s years of the past century a library was actively filled up by various literature, both educational and belles-lettres. To its 50 anniversary Polytechnical school came up with the deserving indicators. On this time 320 students studied there and the library counted 60 thousand copies of books. But war destroyed these acquisitions. The equipment of cabinets and laboratories was robbed, the library was lost. After war it was necessary to begin all at first. And the third point in the list of new tasks of Polytechnical school was: considerably fill up the library by textbooks, reference material and fiction. In spite of the post-war complications in the country a desire to read and study did not disappear from people’s mind. The library was actively filled up by textbooks and various literature. We have the books published in 1946, 1947 and 1948.
On September, 1, 1974 Polytechnical school moved in a new apartment (Sadowa Street) and the library occupied almost all left wing of the ground floor. The subscription took place in a three-tier depository and a light and spacious reader hall was given for readers’ individual work.  In 1997 as a result of association with Electromechanical school a fund was filled up by 14 thousand copies of books. In 2002 on the base of Polytechnical school Konotop Institute of Sumy State University was founded.

The library got up to higher level, began to cooperate with the library of Sum SU on providing students and teachers by scientific educational and methodical literature. The reformation of education according to the requirements of time changes the face of educational establishment’s library. Gradually the conditions of work of our library get better. Nowadays its fund counts 100 thousand copies of books and large choice of magazines. We serve 2750 users. Every month the library is visited by 7000 readers. Monthly delivery of books is more than 22000 copies. A library conducts active regional and informative work. Specifically popular are thematic educate hours, readers’ conferences and exhibitions of books. Considerable work is carried out maintenance and arrangement of funds, organizing their account. Application of new computer technologies in the library work is not a contribution to the fashion but the instrument for an orientation in modern informative space. Computerization of the library fund began this year. Now we expect on automation of all technological cycles that will give the possibility to facilitate and accelerate the processes of completing, treatment, cataloguing and searching of information, delivery of books and serving of  users.
Our library would not be able to work successfully if the library employees did not inlay the hearts and fates in this business. Five experienced specialists, technicians insistingly creatively and inspiredly create the authority of the library. It is desirable to underline that the librarians do perceptible payment in development of morality, high human qualities of every student, create the atmosphere of hospitality and goodwill for the readers. Therefore the authority of the library among the students of our city is high enough