Polytechnical school is interesting, thoroughly, perspective. To be the student of Polytechnical school is cool! It is a wonderful and merry time that can not be forgotten. Our childhood had no time to escape very far and wise maturity already walks next door. Say goodbye to the games, meet large student life and, please, do not stumble. Do the right choice and considered step.
Although all of us are from childhood, unfortunately, entering into adult life nobody takes with himself neither magic stick nor gold fish. And preparing to the new study year, we, students of final courses, expect many surprises, abandoning the fairy-tale mirage of dreams in good remembrances of summer.
Today over thousand students of Polytechnical school submerge with a delight in stormy student week-days. Creative personalities give birth here, the real professionals are brought up here, leaders, citizens of Ukraine, patriots of the city grow here. And life is interesting for us every day because we succeed to avoid a clear verge between holidays and week-days. Presently the united creative collective of workers and students writes a new page into 120-years-old history of establishment. In September not only studies but also new year of perfection of the students’ self-government work begin for us.
Summer health camps considerably extended the geography and became rich enough in content. Except the traditional arranging of encampment on the riverside Seym near the v. Ozarychy, “lesson of survival” is founded in the outskirts of the village Zholdaky. During these lessons students not only get tourist skills but also take part in sport competitions, psychological trainings and spend time actively and with a benefit.
Volunteers continue the work: help elderly people to put in order homestead lands, regularly visit boarding-schools and refuges of the city and the "telephone of trust" works the whole year round.
Annually active students of Polytechnical school are sanitated on the beach of the Black Sea. Warm sand and burning sun combine in a friendly company the serious high achievers of studies, merry participants of amateur performances, persistent workers of building detachments, purposeful winners of various competitions and olympiads and students of favourable categories.
The collaboration of Polytech with regional agrarian firms became already traditional. Every summer such agrarian firms as "Gardens of Ukraine", AC "Аgro" and other gladly welcome our students (they understand that in summer it is possible not only to rest on the fresh air but also earn big money here).
"I am a not magician, I am only study", - our leaders are not afraid to quote this phrase from the fairy-tale because they know surely that “he that never climbed never fell”. And if we really can to submerge in problems that disturb young people and try to decide them then advice and help of elder people may need. Therefore there is the atmosphere of unindifference in Polytechnical school, defects are looked over, interests are taken into account, experience improves, the new forms of work begin.
Already became traditional: eleemosynary projects the "Easter miracle", "Andriivsky vechornytsy" and "Refulgency of hopes" for the pupils of boarding-schools of the city, "Students - to the children" for children with limit physical possibilities. Already became traditional: ecological actions the "Green wave" and "Young people for the sake of the future". The students of Polytechnical school of Konotop Institute of Sum SU meet pupils of boarding-schools, schools and kindergartens with the concert program on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day and New Year. Meeting with the veterans of war is the tradition not only of our educational establishment. The ponderable word of senior generation sowed grains of holiness in the young souls. And penetrating songs of soldiery and post-war years that are heard in the competition-festival of patriotic song "From a heart to the heart" 10 years already became the most valuable lessons of education for all his guests and participants.
Competitions and olympiads, library lessons and exhibitions; training and conferences, participating in regional and local competitions, thematic educate hours, meeting and round table is far not the complete list of measures and our students take active part in preparation to each of them. Special impressions remain in memory after excursion journeys to the cities of Trostyanets, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Lviv, Novhorod-Siverskyi and other. In Polytechnical school favourable terms are created for the development of the students’ potential, the ways of support and stimulation intellectually and creatively gifted young people are found. Sport sections and different groups work in Polytechnical school: vocal studio "Elegy", choreographic collective "Artez", instrumental ensemble, theatrical group, editing of the newspaper "Sychasnyk", public forming, tourist group. To educe, encourage and mark talents is the aim of the competition "I am a freshman"! Annually at the end of the winter freshmen show their talents: singing, dancing and joking.
We can not forget such holidays as Teacher’s Day, Student’s Day, New Year, Victory Day, Day of the city. On the eve of each of them an initiative group develops the special and unique action.
Polytechnical school is successful that’s why we depend on your initiative and its realization in the walls of our Polytech.

Legotin Igor, special correspondent of the newspaper “Poly Tech”
high achiever of studies, leader of public student organization “New time”