Methodological work

Methodological work is a system of organization of diagnostic, searching, scientific, practical and informational activity based on scientific investigations and advanced experience aimed at improving professional skills of the teaching staff and increasing efficiency of the educational process.
Methodologist Oksana Sosnenko is at the head of educational methodological work of Polytechnic School.  
Methodological study specialist Juliet Lazuka is engaged in creating an electronic library, replenishing of educational funds, and their retention.
The teaching staff is now working on the methodological problem of “forming professional qualities of students in educational process according to Ukrainian standards of junior specialist training”, which remains the strategic task for all kinds of collective forms of methodological work of the establishment.
Methodological work is done in the following directions:
Participating in Methodological Board of the School;
Holding scientific theoretical and practical seminars;
Organizing work with young and newly appointed teachers;
Studying, synthesizing and implanting proficient teachers’ and group-masters’ experience;
Accumulating and systematizing teachers’ methodological materials and pedagogic publications.
Studying and propagating innovative methods of education.
Working out optimal forms and methods of organization of students’ self-study work.