Building, Maintenance and Repairs of Railway Lines

One of the first railway educational establishments of the state was founded in August 1890. It was Konotop Technic Railway School, now Polytechnic School of Konotop Institute of Sumy State University. It was the first and the oldest faculty that taught the youth the profession of a railwayman. Hundreds of graduates of the faculty became highly qualified specialists at manufactures all over the Soviet Union, from Uzhno-Sakhalinsk to Murmansk. The faculty sent students where the railway was being built. The railway faculty has given diploma to more than 5000 qualified railway builders. Many of them became honorable scientists. P. Kalinichenko, the graduate of the faculty, veteran of railway transport said: “Highly qualified specialists are trained in this establishment. Their knowledge may be compared with the knowledge of engineers; the students are skilled and have high technical culture.”

The graduates of the department can be met not only among technical builders and managers but also scientists and teachers of institutes and universities. Since 1993, the School has been a part of educational methodological complex of Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport in Kharkiv City; due to this, all the graduates may continue their studies according to the chosen specialty. Life is short; the way to experience is long. The school trains specialists in different spheres of life. But, thanks to the existence of this certain faculty the staff of the School can name themselves railwaymen.

The aim of the faculty remains the same - training highly qualified specialists for railway transport, as a railwayman is not just a profession but the whole life. Practical training is the final result of the educational process. Industrial, technological and diploma practice is held in leading enterprises.

The school has got long-term agreements with railway divisions of Konotop, Khutir – Mykhailivskyi, Schors; railway stations of Konotop and Bakhmach, and other railway structures of Kharkiv, Fastiv, Vatutino, Rozdilna and others.

The students always receive gratitude for the sufficient professional level and are offered jobs according to their specialty.

The graduates of the faculty have possibility to continue studies at Ukrainian institutions of higher education (3rd and 4th) accreditation levels:

Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport;

Dnipropetrovsk State Technical University of Railway Transport;

Sumy State University;

Konotop Institute of Sumy State University, and others.