Production of Electronic and Electric Means of Automation and Computer System and Network Servicing

The history of the faculty “Computer and Electronic Technologies” is closely connected with the history of Konotop Electromechanic School where it was firstly founded. Then, it became the part of Konotop Polytechnic School and gave students the opportunity to choose between two specialities: “Production of Electronic and Electric Means of Automation” and “Computer System and Network Servicing”.
The aim of the faculty is forming highly professional skills and experience of the students in production and checking-out electronic and electric means of automation, in exploitation of electronic means both in industrial and non-productive spheres, where computerization and automation are needed. Specialized educational laboratories and studies are at student’s disposal. The students can use modern database, computer network of the faculty and the School. There is also free access to the Internet.
Under the supervision of the teaching staff, the graduates of the faculty get high professional qualification and possibility to work at state and private enterprises, contribute to the development of scientific potential of the state.
The graduates of the faculty may take a position of:

  • Manager and foreman of manufacturing departments;
  • Computer service subsection manager;
  • Technical expert in electronics and telecommunication;
  • Operator of electron-computing machines;
  • Electro-mechanic and circuit installer;
  • Rigger of electronic equipment and many others.

The faculty trains junior specialists in computer engineering – technician-programmers and technician–designers. The students show deep knowledge and professionalism during industrial practice at numerous state and private enterprises of the city.
The graduates of the faculty have opportunity to continue studies at the following establishments of higher education: